Monday, September 7, 2015

Top 20 Chemicals in your Food that are Silently Killing you

The Top 20 Chemicals in your Food that are Silently Killing you

Lots of foods that are considered healthy and labeled “natural” are severely dangerous to your health when consumed. By eating them you are literally risking your life, whether that be within the next few months or the next 10 years, depending on your current health. This is because of the chemicals that are placed in them.

If this is the first time something like this has been brought to your attention, perhaps your thinking, how bad could they REALLY be? Well, brace yourself my dears, because you will be shell shocked to find out that this stuff is actually allowed to put into your foods, that you then eat it, letting them go into your body.
So why do food some companies do this? Well let’s keep it straight, their main goal is one thing and one thing only, and that is to make as much money as possible. They do that by creating and producing things cheaply, and selling lots of them. These chemicals can be used as flavor enhancers and food preservatives for example, and are often disguised under unrecognizable, and sometimes misleading names, doesn’t that sound fishy already?

Another downside is that the amount of processed foods massively outnumbers the amount of unadulterated foods that are available today. The reason this has happened is because the food industry within the last 100 years, has advanced hugely. These processed foods include the likes of canned foods, frozen foods, boxed foods, and I use the term “food” lightly, because realistically they are NOT food. In fact 3/4 of the supermarkets shelves are stocked with them today. No wonder we find it hard to get them of our minds when they are never endlessly being thrust in our faces.

In fact there are over 3,000 chemicals purposely penetrated into our food supply. But do not let this overwhelm you, because you do not have to consume them, but you will need to put in effort in order to accomplish this. 

(Source: thewayuthink)

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